Frying Pan Iron 28cm Frying Pan Steel/Wood/Iron

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Makes me want to try cooking more dishes! An iron frying pan with a natural wood handle that is easy to clean! Food will be more delicious! Heating performance (thermal conductivity and heat storage) is an important point for frying pans. Frying pans with low heat retention tend to take longer to cook or cook at higher temperatures because they cannot retain heat. As a result, the food loses moisture and becomes hard. Also, cooking at a temperature that is too high will cause the surface of the food to burn before the core of the food is cooked. Iron frying pans store a lot of heat and transfer that heat to the ingredients, so the ingredients are cooked to the core in a short amount of time. If the ingredients are cooked without losing moisture, the vegetables will be crispy and the meat will be juicy. Even the same dish will be delicious. Adopts a special heat treatment [iron nitride] that takes advantage of the advantages of iron and almost completely eliminates the drawback of being rusty ■Features 1. Less sticky than ordinary iron frying pans, making cooking more comfortable. 2. Heat conduction is uneven! Stir-fried food is crispy and grilled food is fragrant. 3. You can naturally replenish iron. 4. Easier to clean than ordinary iron frying pans. 5. Scratch-resistant, strong and durable! Can be used for a long time. * Gas / IH compatible SPEC Size: Total length (including handle) 46.8cm, Diameter 28cm, Base 18.5cm, Depth 5.5cm Weight: 1300g Accessories: Instruction manual Material: Main body / iron (cold rolled polished steel plate), handle / Natural wood, body surface finish / Special heat treatment (nitrogen impregnation) Production: Made in Japan


Category Frying pan, Livingware, Household goods
Material ・ Item Steel , Wood , Iron
ManufacturerRiver Light Extreme JAPAN
Country of originJapan
Full length46.8cm
AccessoriesBox, instruction manual


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