Tamaki Royal Purple Tumbler Large Glass Tumbler

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Make beer more delicious!! Senda Glass Tableware's original tin tumbler, Tamaki series, Royal Purple color. This is a collaborative product by Senda Glass Tableware and Osaka Suzuki. Five artisans with National Certification of Traditional Craftsman by Japanese Government, work at Osaka Suzuki. The historical company's unique technology makes it strong and durable, although tin is soft among metals. This tinware product will last a lifetime. There are reasons why drinking with tin tumblers tastes better. 1. high thermal conductivity Tin has a high thermal conductivity, so just by putting it in the refrigerator for a moment, it becomes cold immediately. When you want a cold drink, you can enjoy it immediately. 2. purification and ionic effect Tin absorbs impurities and purifies water. It mellows the water, making all kinds of drinks more mellow! 3. bubbles with fine texture The hammered pattern on the inside creates a fine, creamy foam. You can enjoy delicious beer. "SIZE" 360mL Diameter 7cm × Height 13cm


Category Glass tumbler, Tableware and cutlery, Dishes / Cutlery
ManufacturerOsaka tinware
Model Large tumbler


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