AW1232-21L Eco-Drive Watch

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Item Number:AW1232-21L
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Regular article Free shipping Citizen Eco Drive Flexible Solar Powered Pair watch Pair watch Men's watch AW1232-21L Citizen Bluex Brown A pair model that pursues a simple and beautiful design with a metal dial. Uses a stylish thin case. The beautiful colors unique to Metal dials are eye-catching. Flexible Solar Powered is a Solar Powered cell formed in a ring shape instead of the traditional disc shape. This is pasted around 360 degrees on the inner wall of the main body case, which is in contact with the outer periphery of the dial inside the windshield Glass. This makes it possible to use metal dials, etc., expanding the range of designs. Reliable and safe Made in Japan. Citizen Collection Release date: Released in September 2015


Category Watches, Watches, Wristwatch, Wrist Watch
Material caseStainless Steel
Material beltCalf leather
Dial face colorBlue
Adjustable bracelet14.5-19cmcm

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