Bavaria Repukal Japan VIBARA Wireless Twin Meter Pet Supplies Thermometer / Hygrometer (for worms / amphibians)

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The “Vivala Wireless Twin Meter” is a wireless-type digital thermo-hygrometer without a code on the sensor. Temperature and humidity can be measured with one unit.
● Install a sensor in or near the rearing cage to remotely measure temperature and humidity.
● The temperature and humidity of the place where the sensor is installed are automatically transmitted to the main unit at intervals of 50 seconds.
● With memory function to display the maximum value and the minimum value of temperature and humidity convenient for management.
● 30m can be measured when there are no obstacles.
● As we use 433 MHz, there is no influence on the Internet and the network.
● Set contents: Main unit, sensor, AA batteries x 4 (for operation check), Velcro


Category Pet Supplies
Material ・ Item Thermometer / Hygrometer (for worms / amphibians)
Product brandVivaria
How to useInsert the battery and install the sensor unit at the measurement point.
Please note● This product is a shell ter for pets. Please do not use it for other purposes.
● When cleaning, please do not rub with a scrub or the like. Also, do not use detergent or bleach.
● Do not drop or give impact as it may break. Also, please do not use it if it breaks.
● Since the mold may occur, please wash the vessel frequently.
● This product is a temperature and humidity meter for pet breeding cages. Do not use for other purposes.
● This product is for indoor use only. Do not use the product where it is exposed to high temperature and humidity, freezing or direct water. It may not be possible to measure properly.
● Do not drop the main unit or sensor or give a strong impact. It will be the cause of the failure.
● If the main unit or sensor is Stain, wipe it off with a soft cloth that has been wrung out well. Do not immerse it in water or wash it with running water or detergent. It will be the cause of the failure.
● Make sure there is no shield between the main unit and the sensor. It may not be possible to measure properly.
● Do not put the sensor in the floor material. It may not be possible to measure properly.
● Please be careful not to reach the hands of small children.
● Insert the battery so that the positive and negative directions are not mistaken.
● When not using the main unit or sensor for a long time, remove the battery and store it.
Product SpecificationsProducts: W8xD2.3xH7.8cm
Sensors: W4.8xD2.5xH8.3cm
range of measurement
Temperature: 0 degrees-50 degrees Accuracy + -1 degrees
Humidity: 20-90% Accuracy + -2%
Body, sensor installation distance: Within 30m (but clear space distance with no obstacle)
Sensor reception time interval: 50 seconds
MaterialBody: Plastic
Country of originChina
Contact informationViviar Repcal Japan Co., Ltd.


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