MCC food MCC 100 hours of hayashi 200g food Hayashi rice (retort)

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"Mash 100C for 100 hours" is a full-fledged, deep-packed Hayashi rice sauce (retort) that takes over 100 hours to finish. Saute the flavored vegetables carefully baked with orb to draw out the sweetness, add sliced ​​beef and meat with mirined pork and red wine, and simmered with butter and fresh cream in a richly finished sauce with sliced ​​beef and onions I added it. In addition, we do not use chemical seasonings and use the flavor of the ingredients. Demirux grilled and aged 53 hours, Phong boiled for 15 hours, Vegetable grilled, sauteed and aged 19 hours, beef streaked for 2 hours, stewed sauce, boiled and finished for 14 hours. It is a particular Hayashi made in Kobe for over 100 hours. 1 serving.


category hood
Material ・ Item Hayashi rice (retort)
Product brandMCC (MCC)
Internal capacity200g
How to eat● If you warm in hot water
Do not break the inner bag, put it in boiling water as it is, warm it for 5 minutes, shake it well, transfer to a plate, etc. and enjoy.

● If you warm in the microwave
Be sure to transfer to a deep heat-resistant container with a wide opening, wrap over, and warm for 2 minutes (500 W).
※ The heating time varies depending on the model, so please adjust it according to the manual.

【A little bit more and more delicious】
・ In combination with butter rice and saffron rice
・ Topped with fresh cream and parsley
・ As a source of egg dishes such as omelet
please note● Please be careful when opening the package or taking wraps, as the heated tools and sauce may splash.
● Metal is used for the pouch. It is not possible to heat with the microwave as it is in the bag.
● You can not save after opening. Please eat early.
● Retort pouch food / This product can be stored for a long time at room temperature.
Preservation methodAvoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
Sterilization methodSealed in an airtight container, pressure and heat sterilization
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Name: Hayashi
Ingredients ●: vegetables (onion, carrot), beef, sauteed onion, beef muscle, tomato ketchup, animal fats and oils (lard, beef tallow), beef broth, red wine, tomato paste, whole milk powder, butter, miripois paste, sugar, raw Cream, chicken extract, salt, beef bouillon seasoning, brown roux, soybean oil, yeast extract, garlic, spices, thickener (modified starch), caramel color, (Soya, wheat included as part of the raw materials)
● Nutritional ingredient: 1 bag 200 g / energy: 274 kcal, protein: 9.6 g, lipid: 16.6 g, carbohydrate: 21.6 g, sodium: 1.0 g, (salt equivalent: 2.6 g)
Contact informationContact information 0570-014925

MCC Food Co., Ltd.
Kobe-shi Higashisu Ward Fuiehamacho 32nd


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